Promotion of Fair Trade: Manufacture of Handicrafts

KASSUMAY for gender equality: Senegal has a life expectancy of 50 years poverty, cultural beliefs and gender discrimination prevent women from exercising their rights. The woman is the real breadwinner. KASSUMAY It becomes involved in their lives and learn from their solidarity and generosity.

Kassumay commitment to training workshops sewing, providing them with a space for constitution, Sewing Machine, training in sponsorship, specialization in machinery, as well as the creation of jobs and the organization for the mass production of clothing and decorative items.

The workshop is located in the barrio de Pikine (Dakar) where they live 1.500.000 people.
Currently, with the help of Bancaja Foundation, This workshop has been extended, expecting a site 70 m2, New equipment, material, and creating 10 jobs.

This is custom and tradition clothing and fabric that is constructed. Most women may be going hungry but do not lose their dignity in dress and walking.


In this project, Kassumay help providing a job or specialization in sewing and pattern for technology machinery which has supplied them, and contribute to the conservation of important traditions for Senegalese Women.

Pero lo mas bonito es que el taller sirve los domingos para que las mujeres del barrio se reúnan a cambiar impresiones sobre cómo organizarse bien en cuestiones higiénico-sanitarias tales como recogida de basuras, no use standing water, use of mosquito nets to prevent malaria, etc..

Marketing of handicraft products

On the Island Goré (Senegal) declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Senegal women can market and sell their products.

Fatu Seck It is responsible for workshop in Pikine and sale of craft products in the market Goré Island.
Goré is an island located off the coast of Dakar and declared by the UNESCO Heritage, also known as the Island of Slaves. From there the ships departed was America who traded in slaves. Tourists from around the world visit the island throughout the year.

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