What is Kassumay?

KASSUMAY is a HE which arises from the exchange and experiences between two cultures Spain and Senegal, the beating of their hearts eager vibrant illusion that transmit light and hope.

His activities, of social, humanitarian and charity, help promote, promote and develop education, training, health and economic integration, social and labor of the people.

Serving the immigrant from Senegal and the rest of Africa, especially the woman, in its integration process in Spain and helps to improve the living conditions experienced by people of Senegal paying particular attention to Children and women, deficiencies in health, unsanitary conditions or the absolute lack thereof, the almost non-existent medical care and the high rate of literacy not. Definitely, in dire need of materials and training resources

Kassumay, A light in the way that allows them to think about their future and that of their children.

In Senegal: We contribute to eradicating poverty and malnutrition, to improve sanitary and health conditions of the population, to improve access to drinking water, to promote education and encourage productive activity and socio-labor insertion of the neediest.

In Spain: We promote and favor the social integration, gender equality, and labor and economic integration of Senegalese immigrants living in Spain. Regular activities are carried out as they are: literacy workshop, Computer repair, sewing and pattern and crafts workshop where jewelery and decoration and fashion products is made.

Why Kassumay born?

The experience turned into dream Leticia Valera.

A few years ago, I letting myself be guided by inspiration came to "Portal of Africa", Senegal. A country overflowing intensity in me aguardaba. Upon arrival of night, Moisture and heat. Toured the country back in time but looking to the future, in an encounter with the very existence of the human being, customs and environment, I recognized myself and I felt part of this land. Guided by Oumar, I was introduced to Africa. A new world seemed to me mysterious, full of hidden treasures, very spiritual and rich in traditions. I knew their places, visited villages and connected with its inhabitants. Honesty, and sense of friendship that permeates the atmosphere full of scents and colors, and vibration of their dances and their music captured the spirit that dwells in me. The days became iridescent nacre nights.
Still alive, soft nature, force majeure on its rains, heat and dust in the eyes. Came the deep friendship, a sweet link with the Senegal. The extraordinary sense of life of its people and their innate goodness when nothing is nothing but shared all marked the awakening of consciousness that dwells within man.
What to do? Where to go? What show?

The love I feel for Africa overcomes barriers, no distances.

Welcome to Kassumay.

leticia valera kassumay

I would like to sit with you this life experience.
I want to show the essence from Senegal.
I want you to help me take care of the people
and transmit to the world the delights of this place.

leticia valera firma