A Fatu la quiere todo el barrio de Mbour Maures, 3Fatu admire women living around. This woman of medium height belonging to the Peul ethnic group, with a huge heart and courage bombproof has asacado her three children later and helped children with ages ranging 2 a 5 year of Maures Mbour neighborhood that is escolarizaran.

The district had no school for the little ones, Kassumay ONG en la construyó 2012 but until then, Fatu gave his house to 75 children to learn and think about the future, that admirable!!.

The rains came ... the roof of the house collapsed Fatu!!!! whole neighborhood joined in a desperate cry, Fatu was homeless. The repair seemed complicated part of the house was destroyed. Kassumay reconstruyó la vivienda.

From 2014 Kassumay está ayudando a la construcción de una casa en el barrio de Sonatel en la que vive una familia compuesta de los padres y seis hijos, aunque las condiciones de la vivienda no son óptimas. No tienen otro lugar donde vivir.