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Passion is what drives the will to change the world and get.

When Leticia, alma mater of this organization, was first time discovered his true passion Senegal: help. From then until now the contagious passion that has made this dream that unites two worlds with a desire to do that will improve both build.

Because Kassumay carries all your support to the people of Senegal and makes them part of the change but make Senegalese people of this partnership will change becoming increasingly aware of the many things that unite us all and ultimately by many barriers physical, linguistic, or cultural divide us, in the background are all equal. That is the miracle that international cooperation achieved performing, passion and joy that moves the will of helping others get, also stop being strangers and we become brothers working for improve our small world, both physical and mental and even spiritual.

Therefore, by all that passion, this refreshing and bright energy that is reaching many achievements in this company, is so for me it's a huge honor to chair this committee, I know that with such good intentions and the better results you get that barriers disappear, prejudices and fears are canceled and people flourish on a new life of peace.


Sole Giménez



savane sitapha kassumay

Many believe that things just happen.

I believe that fate has much to do when certain people or opportunities put in our way. Destiny joined my way and the foundation Kassumay. It happened on the first visit to my partner and son orphanage M'bour. We were shown the new clinic that had built a foundation based in Valencia. Always happy in a very special way to see people of my adopted country helping my country, and I did not hesitate a second to get in touch with them. But what I did not expect was that after one conversation with Leticia, going to be so clear that we “the same team” y Vice versa. I called to offer my help. She opened the door and invited me to join the family Kassumay.

In basketball, Teamwork is everything.

Even the best player ever, Michael Jordan, was able to win his first championship to understand and trust their fellow. So working together, I have not the slightest doubt that we will manage to improve the reality of many more people and give them all they ask.

An opportunity in this world…

Sitapha Savane

Ex jugador de baloncesto


carlos alvarez kassumay

Kassumay or responsibility

Senegal has a limited virtual northern border, here and now, solidarity with the Valencian. That line has become virtually invisible thanks to the efforts of individuals and entities that collaborate in the support of projects Kassumay attempts carried out both in the country of origin and with the Senegalese who live among us and, yet, need our support to consolidate their full integration into this society.

Our solidarity not only helps the people of southern and northwest, focuses its activities where the organization Kassumay creating a medical clinic and a school, helping literacy and encouraging the creation of own resources with manufacturing workshops, but, and also from right here, Valencia, promotes trade and tourism fair, by direct action in the immigrant population attending support services and consulting partnership.

Will this last, likely, the most consistent acts of solidarity that we can develop to make our society, attentive most of the times to come to the aid of more or less specific situations, learns that those who cohabit with us, with its improvement, will give a boost to the development of their country from the distance migrated forced.

Thus, support initiatives and objectives Kassumay and invite those who feel caring and responsible to join this effort.


Carlos Alvarez




Sometimes coincidences are not just "coincidences”. Turandot me ha cogido de la mano y me ha llevado a conocer Kassumay, me explico:

Hace unos días me encontraba con unos amigos deleitando mi alma con la ópera Turandot en el Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía. Then Leticia, presidenta de esta maravillosa ONG comenzó a contarme entre actos y después los fines del proyecto Kassumay. I could not believe to hear that there is a doctor in Senegal each 70.893 people, que cientos de mujeres senegalesas mueren en el paritorio y el 20% de los bebes que nacen fallecen en menos de una semana. Sabemos que esto sucede en muchas partes del mundo pero cuando te lo cuenta gente que lo conoce de primera mano adquiere otra dimensión.

OMG!, verdaderamente no nos damos cuenta de lo que tenemos aquí porque no miramos con la intensidad que corresponde lo que ocurre allí, en Senegal y en otros muchos rincones del mundo. Not forgetting, clear, of poor hygiene, famine, shortages of health, falta de agua y de un sinfín de “normalidades” nuestras por las que muchas veces protestamos, en nuestro derecho, but we know that gold compared to the dry life they lead.

That said it is an honor that this NGO, que ayuda a paliar esos dramas lejanos en la distancia pero cercanos en el corazón, want to have my humble contribution in what it can offer. I actively collaborate in Cudeca, dedicada a los enfermos del cáncer y ahora lo haré también con Kassumay. Los que tenemos una imagen pública y por una u otra razón tenemos la forma de llegar a más gente tenemos la responsabilidad de contribuir, to support these organizations. Each and every one of the objectives they have in Kassumay are admiring, su works, su trabajo y querer de algún modo como decimos en mi tierra “meterse en líos” por ayudar a los demás, y qué bueno “meterse en estos líos”. Me llena de orgullo que queráis contar conmigo para esta andadura.

I'm sure I'll learn a lot from people like you and I do that together, Turandot and love prevail against hatred and, solidarity to indifference.

Remedios Cervantes

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