Primary school in Mbour Maures

Kassumay, under the auspices of Club UNESCO for the protection of intangible heritage of civilizations, has promoted the construction and establishment of the nursery "Maachah Allah" aimed at help children 2 a 6 years old in the land located in the Barrio Mbour Maures (City Mbour).

DRAFT 2012

The nursery “Maacha Allah” has been built in an area of 300 m2 given by the City Council and houses M'bour far Mbour neighborhood Maures, whose length is 8 Square miles, Bcontemplaba in the pre-school education. Younger have always been left out completely, schooling system.

The UNESCO Club, sponsors and develops school values, as add-on modules for design, dissemination and development of ancestral values, under this new construction project and establishment of the elementary school child, where ancient culture and is taught to children in the Wolof ethnic, Serer, Mandinga, Peul y Maure.
The city of Mbour and UNESCO Club have signed a collaboration agreement, in which both institutions promote solidarity, culture and education. This means that the exchange of experience and knowledge both act in a coordinated manner in the areas of awareness, promotion and training to promote knowledge of the ancient cultures.
The construction and establishment of the Infantl "Maachah Allah" School means tackling one of the most important challenges in the fight against poverty in order to development in Senegal. The illiteracy rate is still high ( 57 % of which 35,4 Regarding women)
Schooling in Senegal is organized by dividing the teaching in three phases:

  • School Pre-school or kindergarten: It covers children's schooling 2 a 6 years old
  • Elementary or primary school: Comprising the schooling of children 6 a 11 years old.
  • School: It covers children's schooling 11 a 17 years old.

The district of Mbour Maures component 8.000 people of different ethnicities: Wolof 9 %, Peul 7 %, Serer 15 %, Moors 70 %. Of the 8.000 the inhabitants 40% children and these are the same 15% are children between 2 a 6 age. We are actually talking about 1.152 children 2 a 6 enroll in school years needing.

The problem

One of the serious problems facing the country and specifically the district of Mbour Maures is called dropout.
Las Senegalese authorities suggest several causes that motivate DICHO abandonment:

  • The long distances students must travel to attend classes ( We're talking between 4 and 7 km each way ).
  • Poor structures or lack thereof
  • Not understanding the language in which classes are taught

The solution

The construction and establishment of the nursery in the district of Mbour contributes Maures:

  • Reduce the rate of illiteracy
  • Gender equality in education
  • Disappearance of ESL

Senegal enero 2014 123 placas escuela
In a land ceded by the city of Mbour ( 300 m2 ) the school has been built with an area of ​​about 170 m2 plus a garden area of ​​about 130 m2 ( annex 16 ). This building has:

  • 3 classrooms 22 m2 square that will house 20 – 30 children per class
  • A bath 6 m2 with two utility
  • A multipurpose hall with a capacity of up 18 people
  • A kitchen 12 m2
  • A terrace 18 m2
  • A patio / hall de 35 m2

This nursery promotes needy pre-school education of young children from 2 a 6 years of ethnic: Wolof, Serer, Mandinga, Peul, Moorish.
Following the guidelines of the central government, kindergarten "Maachah Allah", establishes two daily shifts full school day ( day and night ) integrating around 75-100 children a day in the country's education system, including classes ancestral culture prepared by the UNESCO CLUB.
Students organized by ethnicity and language:

  • Etnia Wolof, Moorish, serer (lengua wolof)
  • Fulani ethnic group (Lengua peul)
  • Etnia mandinga (Lengua mandinga)

Where Found

A major reason that has also driven the construction of kindergarten refers to women, Recalling the high illiteracy rate plotted against these men in Senegal:
Women neighborhood Maures Mbour, own initiative, and animated by the project that provides neighborhood Kassumay, want to become literate in the same school that they will do their small children.
The city of Mbour suggested building a multipurpose room within the nursery. With this in mind we will try to start the process of eradication of illiteracy among women in the neighborhood.
They have begun to teach night classes these mothers. The neighborhood women wrote a letter asking for help Kassumay.


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