Tourism Promotion Fair in Senegal

Senegal Travel Ancestral: Kassumay Trips Unesco Alterité

Just Tourism Promotion Organization Senegal travel ( uno o dos al año para un mínimo de siete y un máximo de doce personas ) carried out in order to help promote tourism in Senegal and to raise commuter traveling needs of the country where the reality of Africa is reflected, conducting humanitarian assistance in villages scattered throughout the Senegalese geography, through the provision of clothing, toys, jabones y otros productos de higiene personal así como de alimentos.

This activity is generating jobs in the emerging tourism industry by encouraging the promotion of Senegal guides, interpreters, drivers, small hotels, restaurants and craft markets, también ayuda a la promoción de la actividad artística en el Senegal a través de espectáculos de danza y percusión tradicionales.

Open Road “World Peul” (Northeast Senegal): Learn more
Open Road “World Diola” (Southern Senegal): Learn more

• Development of ancestral routes under Senegalese ethnic.
• New routes, new knowledge: an inner knowledge from Abroad.


What people say…

Inés Barona

This is the best trip I've ever done, is the first time I visited Africa and was surprised hospitality "TERANGA" of the people and the landscape so intense. All this plus the added value of doing humanitarian work which made me feel very useful.

Teresa Teruel

Always remember the trip to Senegal, the hospitality of its people, the love and affection of children with little arms always open, excited to think how much we can do with a little help, and check the progress and thanks, in the places we visited,

Iñigo Barona

That last! It has been an Indiana Jones style adventure I will never forget. Visited remote villages where we were welcomed with arms abriertos between dances and drums, all full of the colorful special of Black Africa. Just remember all those feelings gives me the creeps. The best thing was to experience another culture and its people, their customs and traditions and has certainly surprised me how kind and grateful to have been with us all. So glad to help but I am convinced that this trip has helped me more than anyone: helped me grow as a person.
I hope to return soon. 'KASSUMAY!

Alberto Barefoot

If there is a place where the beaches are deserted, Forests are ancient, people are wonderful, The rivers are full of fish, SENEGAL there is and especially the south where rivers are authentic inlets that form islands with native populations where development has not spoiled the environment, and people give you their hospitality offering what little they have.
It was a great experience so well attended at all times were and how good it was the group connection, these trips is that when you think of the smile.

A Wonderful memories

Amaya Lejarraga

Senegal, I can tell, that is an amazing place, meets many points for a traveler, a different culture, some places with charm not readily found in the world today
some beautiful beaches, and above all kindness and affection of the people, make you feel happy, the eyes of children, their colorful clothes, dances and drums
wherever you go, people, villages, ó islas, You're always welcome, that gorgeous, these feelings are difficult to realize in a few lines, but to read, I think I
can understand, and I hope you enjoy it like I, definitely a humanitarian trip you will not forget, and if you can repeat.

Amaya Add

One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not what you bring little, is how much you get to see how are grateful and happy!! If you have a chance to go do not give him more laps, the acordaréis for life. The landscapes are amazing from North to South, The enamoran. But above all its people, lots to learn.


  1. Ruben Gordillo says:


    Me gustaría saber cuánto sería el precio de los viajes solidarios y en qué fechas se realizan.


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