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What is Social Kassumay

Kassumay Social is a new and original way Kassumay directs its helps others, expanding borders Senegal to all those who need.
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Charity events and charitable activities

Organisation of conferences for the benefit of other associations

Collaboration with other NGOs in international cooperation

And a wide range of possibilities in order to make this a better world. Kassumay Social, through events of all kinds, aims to raise funds for any worthy cause it's always going aligned with the principles of Kassumay.

Social Kassumay is the hand that tends Kassumay other organizations to carry out solidarity actions together.

Why Social Kassumay

We have always thought and think that unity is strength and the sum of 1 and 1 is always more than 2. The world needs increase and the ability to get to help others going to depend on what we are able to create synergies and collaborations between different organizations.

Kassumay Social intends to put his hand to catch many other of so many NGOs and designing new solidarity actions for the benefit of those in need. Putting all these hands to help the world.

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How we're doing

The professionalization in an NGO is a fundamental value in NGOs, giving them autonomy and ability to successfully execute its purposes. That is why we find around our people who can do things with passion and desire and, above all, we can partner with them to grow together. Thus, Kassumay Social wants to leave the door open to other organizations to contact us to bring to reality any imaginable undertaken:

  • Raise an awareness talks and symposia
  • Charity events
  • Dissemination activities and information about social actions
  • Sales of fair trade products
  • Knowledge exchange and “know-how”

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